In 2024, The CEACM Board awarded three CEACM Awards to active researchers from CEACM partner countries. In particular, the senior scientists are honored by the CEACM Prof. Mang Award, the highest honor by CEACM, named after its founding father. The Prof. Mang award is attributed to Zdenek BITTNAR, an Emeritus Professor at CTU Prague.

The established researchers are honored by CEACM ComputationalMechanics Award. This award recognizes a researcher who contributed significantly to the traditional disciplines of Computational Mechanics or related domains. This year, the CEACM Computational Mechanics Award is attributed to Professor Ivica KOZAR, University of Rijeka, Croatia.

CEACM initiated the CEACM Young Researcher Award to honor the exceptional contribution of a young scientist who completed their doctoral studies in computational mechanics within the year of the award call. This year’s winner is Samir SULJEVIC of the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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