CEACM – Central European Association for Computational Mechanics

The CEACM Computational Mechanics Award was initiated by CEACM primarily for recognizing outstanding contributions to the traditional research areas for Computational Structural/Solid Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics. However, it may also be given to recognize excellent contributions outside these areas. For example, it may be bestowed in recognition of accomplishments in Software Development, Scientific Computing, research contributions in Computational Electromagnetics, Uncertainty Quantification, Biomechanics, and other areas, not traditionally embraced by traditional research domains, but with general applicability to Computational Mechanics.

The CEACM Computational Mechanics Award is bestowed each year to honor exceptional individual contributions not only to traditional but also to broader fields of interest to Computational Mechanics.

The application involves submitting the nomination form along with the CV of the candidate and three support letters from the nominator (self-nomination are not admissible).

Awards Nomination Form


The CEACM Computational Mechanics Award (2023 Winner)

  1. Prof. Joze Korelc